Tuesday, June 12, 2007

ahhs. something wrong with my card reader. :[

ok. nevermind. :}

went out with jorene today. :] long long time since i saw her. ok la. few months. :] hehehes. 'updated' each other a lil. :]

went chinatown and amk hub. :} walked around. bought some small stuffs. :} spotted a very nice shop with nice stuffs. the art box or something. :]

ahhhhhs. i dont know what to update about.

ok. lets talk about my father. sometimes i feel that he should be my mother instead. since he is extreamly naggy at times. uuuuh. like i went out almost everyday and he will start talking the moment i enter the house. den 1 hour later he will come into my room and start again. he will always end with, you should be grateful that you have a father like me.

ya ya. i am grateful. extreamly. i cannot find another father who will listen to tokyo drift, bug me to register friendster, make a blog for him (i know he has one though i didnt help him), ask me how many friendster friends i have(recent newspaper article), play online games and so on.

ahhhhs. he wants to be in. and everytime he does those stuffs. i will say. EEEEEEEEEE. ACT YOUNG. den he will 'act shy' and say i am always young what. -o-

hmms. i think i shall repay him by staying at home for a day since that is what he wants. :] he said this ytd: can you just stay at home for a day.? ok lor. :]

yes. the end. i have alot of things to say about my dad in case you dont know. :] so whenever i have nothing to update about i shall talk about him. :]

and i shall wait for jorene to send me pics. :]

because i know i cant do anything.

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