Saturday, June 16, 2007

today is not a very good day.

1. i sat with boonkiat during amaths tuition. -o- AHHHHHHHHS. should have wait for arthur
outside. -o-

2. i saw an old women carrying a fake baby(like gillian's) wearing a googles. -o- seriously weird. esp. in a supermarket.

3. jorene ho scared me. -o- we were walking walking walking and she screamed: AHHHS. XIAO QIANG.! or whatever she calls it. -o-

but there are good things too. :] went to eat red ruby with gillian and arthur after tuition. :} went to meet jorene and talked alot again. xD

its father's day tml and daddy is having sore throat. -o- mummy bought a bottle of prevent hair loss solution (sounds weird) for my father. :} i asked her to count me in. xD i bet daddy is going to be very very happy. xD he always come into my room and ask if his hair is getting lesser. :{

ok. dones. byebye. xD

"you didn't get the hint."

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