Monday, June 25, 2007

bad bad bad bad day.

started of with 3 periods of maths. ;/ followed by 2 periods of history. i tried very hard not to sleep during history. :] i was tirrrrrrrred. :{

ya. change of seat. i am so damn freaking happy la hor. ms cai liar. :{ she said she will put someone which i can talk to. i was expecting like jas, jared, charmaine or whoever. :{ think that people around me are nice people. :]

and from the 2nd last row, i moved to the 2nd row. like i am so short. -o-

uhh. ya. ernest beside me. no comment.

today is not my day.

even choosing leader through random numbers i also kena. freaking happy la. -o-

freaking tired. -o-

i need to jog. -o-

hope tml will be a better day.

hope ms cai will change someone over or change someone's seat with me. :]

hope i wont be hungry. how can i be hungry when..

hope something really good will happen.



belinda is not in a good mood.

yannnnnnnnnshannnnnnnnnnnn. :{

dont know why i just felt like typing your name.




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