Thursday, June 07, 2007

omg. i think i am going to have a sore throat sooner or later. -o- extreamly dry now. :[

went jurong with yanshan today. something extreamly.. funny happened on the mrt. -o- sleeping posture, i was talking about it like.. few days ago. this man sat beside me in the mrt. he slpt. den his head+body will like sway to the left then to the right. kept hitting me la. and the person sitting on the other side.

yanshan was sleeping and i had to squeeze to her side. -o- i think the people standing around was like, giggling/laughing. when the mrt jerks, he will like 'wake up' and start to shake his leg vigorously. he was still sleeping. -o- and start swaying again den jerk, shake leg. -o-

uhhh, if you know you have a weird sleeping posture/habit.. dont sleep alone on a public transport. -o-

ahhs. the china trip. i realised i have 700 over pics. almost impossible to post them all up. :[ nevermind. i just put some nice ones. :]

DAY 2.

climbed alll the way up. :[

pengsong scooping up some chicken part from the soup. -o-

group.. 4.?

do you see anything like this in singapore.? one special lane on the road for motor and bicycles. female wearing high heels and skirts cycling. -o-

hotel in suzhou. jas and i pulled the middle table out. and.. black out. :]

cheryl and gillian came over. :]

i remembered day 2. quite a number of us wore yellow. and in the middle of 2 and 1/2 hours bus ride from nanjing to suzhou, the principle told me something like : maybe all of us should stand together and take a photo. -o-


pagoda which resembles the leaning tower of pisa.? since its slanting. (thats what they say)

following how the previous person pose.

this tree is 130 years old

modern side

more traditional side.

dennis and wallace singing. -o- quite warm in the room so everyone opened their windows. the whole row of rooms are '自己人' including teachers and the principle. -o- they got scolded by mdm chin after that for disturbing the rest. hahahas.


people in jing fan secondary school are quite 'dao'

eugene singing into the mike on bus. practiced quite alot. but in the end, the background music was too loud and there was too lil mikes. :[ not a success, but we tried laaa.

had to go to their 六一节 thing. international children's day.

they talk like they are singing opera.

they perform for us, we perform for them.

food. :]

oohmygod. i have to return to school at 9.30 tml. :[ for poa project. and later at 1pm had to fill up forms. AHHHHSs. w-h-y......... its 12.23am now. update the next.. 4 days tml. :] yay.

ok. byebye. :]

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