Saturday, June 30, 2007

fell down today. the 3rd time this month. definitely not a good month for me. -o- so many unlucky things happening. sighs.

gillian is a very good cyclist. i am extreamly honored to be her first passenger. i didnt know that till she told me when we were going to her house (after sending me back). *^#*&(#@#&*@

yes. den when we were reaching her house. dont know why but i fell down. -o- nevermind. i am getting use to it. -o- as long as it doesnt leave scars.

went tuition today. daddy wasnt at home. he is back to work. YAYYYYYY. dont need to face emo daddy.! i hope he goes to work everyday. :] den i will get my freedom back.

watched cinderella 3. borrowed it from jared. :] fairytales always have happy endings. gahgahgahs. but its nice la. :]

ok. i am tired.. but before that..

DingPing says:
cus i am pregnant so i become forgetful

gillian! you are going have a new sibling soon.!

hehhes. bye.

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