Tuesday, April 21, 2009

School was fun today. Hehehes.

Met up with Kimberly and Sock Keang. I was late, very late. HAHAHAS. It's a very long story. My nose was sunburned. I think on Friday? Today, the skin started to peel and it looks horrible. So I tried all sorts of method like concealing it yadayadayada. It didn't help much. Ugly nose. Ya.

Had class lunch at Pizza Hut today! We have a 3 hours break ok. Hahahas. Got to know each other more and stuffs. Went back for CommSkill tutorial. Mrs Thomas was funny. She wanted us to introduce ourselves and tell her something unique about us. Mine was: I got sunburned on my nose.

Not funny... ;[ I think mine is very nonsense. People gave answers like: Playing music(Kellyn), national netball player(Pamela), only foreigner in class(Sock Keang), only girl from girls school(Kimberly), dance ballet (Yunling), etc. Eh I was the first few to introduce so... Lesser time to think. ;D



Yati and Yazmine

Kimberlyyyy. ;D

While waaaaaaiting...

Pamela and Jean!

Hehehes. Done. So my class is quite fun. ;D

No tutorials tomorrow. So I will be going to WORRRRRRRK. ;D Oh ya, I've homework already... My FIRST homework! Yay or Boo? Hmms.

sometimes you have to put one foot in front of the other,
though you don't know where you're going.

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