Monday, April 13, 2009

Hehehes. 3 more days to orientation?

Orientation= School starting soon. Finally man. A few days ago, a customer was very shocked when I told her I was 16(going on 17). She went like, 'Why are you here! Where are your parents yada yada yada...'

She didn't give me a chance to explain... Sighs. She was quite agitated HAHAHAS. I did explain after that but she don't look very convinced. She thinks that I'm some problematic 16 year old kid or something. ;[ (I AM NOT)

Also, orientation= making new friends. I guess its a thing which everyone have to go through. Introvert and extrovert. I think I can be both lor. HAHAHAS. What if no one wants to be moi fwen... Then I will be xiia0 l0nnerzx. ;[

Eh I think I said that to someone before. 2 years ago when I was being posted to 3e6. Hahahas! Different class with the girls and I was berry scared. ;[ But I met another bunch of wonderful people. ;D So... I hope I will meet nice people again. Ah! Maybe I will be in the same class as some people! Things will be good. Right?

Alright. I need to go pack my room. Hehehes. Working full tomorrow and shopping on Wednesday! Yay yay.

Never have regrets
cause at one point
everything you did
was e x a c t l y
what you wanted

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