Tuesday, April 07, 2009


I went to work yesterday. At Plaza Sing. Very very very last minute. Hmm. I cabbed there... HAHAHAS. ;D The taxi driver freaked me out man. I swear that he was dozing off ok. Scared the shit out of me. Not being paranoid or what lor. His body was like slanted (blocking the meter, imagine it please) and through the rear mirror, I saw that his eyes were half closed. ;/

So I started to chat with him. Erm, we talked about the Erp... -o-

Anyway, I was in the shop alone. ALONE LEH. So proud of myself. HAHAHAS. Erm the girl there had sore eyes or something, so she had to leave. -o- I swept and mopped the floor, did settlement and closed the shop. Wah, really first time. HEHE. But... The amount in the cash register don't really match... ;/

And ya, Jenny asked me to go back to work! For a week? Since orientation is next week... Hehehe. I will still be working when school starts though. Every Sunday. Extra allowance for moiself. Stop when its really really busy. ;D

Ok. Work tomorrow. 3 more days to pay day! Hope it won't get delayed. Always like that one. ;[

Life isn't about waiting for
the storm to pass, it’s about
learning to dance in the rain

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