Wednesday, April 18, 2007

YAY. ive got 37/40 for poa. :]

ms cai seem to be very happy about it. -o- because there are no failures in the class and there are 85% distinc. i heard her hao lian-ing to some other students. xD

hehehe. ms loo didnt come to school today. 3 periods of chem gone. :] but one of them changed to MATHS. :"[ so 3 periods of maths today. completely BORRRING. :"[

its going to be thursday tml. then friday. then end of week. then exams are coming. sighs. my tuition teacher mia-ed. -o- how irresponsible. i am going to ask mummy to call her. :]

gahgahgahs. oh ya. THANK YOU CHERYL. :]


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