Sunday, April 22, 2007

came back from gillian house. :] she made lemon honey for me. :] i think she is worst than my mama. -o-

did some maths there. and didnt feel like doing after that. :] yesterday was a maths day. i did maths all day long. and today i didnt feel like doing maybe its because i did too much yesterday. :]

gahgahgahs. i guess all my classmates are rushing now. are they?

gillian's baby pic. took some but its BLURR. gillian kept snatching my phone and say." 不要不要!这张不够 cute!" -o-

looking at her pic it reminds me of my baby pictures. i realise that was super urber fat..

gahgahgahs. my hair didnt grow till i am 3/4 years old. mummy told me she was extreamly scared that time. -o- and she told me ive got my pointy chin from papa. :] and thats the reason why my teeth are not straight. :"[ thats what the doctor say. braces. :]

hehehe. yanshan and i. :]

school tml. :"[ byebye.

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