Saturday, April 21, 2007

"have a great chat with long never get to see her not even chat. but seriously i think we still very close. (: ah ha."


how touching. :] remember our shopping trip after exams. :]

arghs. i am sick. again. WHAT THE HELL LA. i planned to study today. its not like. i am i sick i cant study. is that i cannot concentrate. :"[ woke up with a bad sore throat and flu. i feel like i am dying.

wanted to drop by gillian's house to have some yummy food. :"[ but mummy stopped me. -o- so no yummy food but some stupid 凉茶. ahhhhhhhs. i think i am dying. why must i be sick every month. i was soooooo happy that i didnt get sick at the starting of the month. :"[ but in the end..?

grrrrrrrrrs. i hope i will get better by tml. :"[
i hope. :"[


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