Sunday, April 08, 2007

computer is weeeeeird. i cant use it. :"[ using daddy's so called TESTER computer. -o- full of intresting junks and stuffs.

went swimming at marissa's housey yesterday. though i didnt swim. i dont want to be tanned. bro's wedding is 6 days away. :] how exciting. yummy food. at least something to be happy of.

daddy promised me that he will go and get the 'computer stuffs' and get it done by wednesday. i hope he wont break it. :/

gahs. daddy wants to usee the comp. sighs. i want to edit the blog. :"[

my blog is becoming so dulllllllllllll. because my life is dull. please. something please brighten up my life a lil. even though my blog is orange..

sighs. byebye.
&ive made a complete fool out of myself.

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