Thursday, April 26, 2007

mummy is cooking egg for me. :] although gillian told me i cant eat eggs because i am sick. but mummy says its ok. :] long time since i eat eggs. because whenever i want to eat, i will hear gillian's voice.

today is a looong day. 5 periods of physics. time was going quite fast. maybe its because i am focusing. :] exams are coming.

after school had to stay back for maths. almost everyone was in the library and its noisy. mr tan likes to give maths example. one is about comparing terms.

next time if you are married and you go shopping with your husband, and your husband went missing. can you go to the ladies and look for your husband.?

something like that. its like comparing a cube term with a square term. :] he always say. NEXT TIME IF YOU ARE MARRIED blah blah blah. -o-

it was freeeezing inside the library. :/ went home with jascintha earlier. xD

bought home all this books today. :[

jascintha's. pro hor.

jascintha's. meaningful. :}

gahgahgahs. exams exams exams. study study study.

hello my friend. sometimes i just dont know what you are thinking. :[

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