Friday, April 27, 2007

the world sucks all of the sudden. :[

uncle has B型肝癌. i dont know what is that. gillian told me its hepatitis B. we went to visit him at sgh just now. the doctor told daddy to go for the checkup too. since uncle got it from grandpa. but i dont think daddy really care.

if daddy has it. it means that i will have it too. gahs. that thing sounds freaky. because it will turn into liver cancer. :/ uncle is suffering now. when we went there, he was having scoping or something liddat. they put something into your body and check it. -o-

uncle look so bouncy and happy when he was at bro's wedding. :[ when he see me he will go like.. BELLLLLLLLLLLLLL... BELLLLLLLL... BELLINDA! he always do the same thing. -o-

next thing is motorola is having retrenchment. 700 were retrenched today. why why why. daddy was really really angry. and he kept saying the word QUIT. -o- his face went >:[

will daddy be retrenched. :"[ i hope not. daddy is a loyal supervisor. :'[ he knows how to fix my handphone and computer. :'[ and he will go llike. WHERE CAN YOU FIND THIS KIND OF SUPER IN DADDY. -o-

he kept bugging me to create a blog and friendster for him. -o- he wants to be IN. thats why he listens to tokyo drift and have maple plus stupid games inside his computer. gahhhs. he will be super in daddy if he wasnt so stingy. :]

loong loong post.

you know i am joking.


i have quite alot of pictures. :] i will post it if only gillian sim post mine in her blog. :]

edited. :]

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