Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I'm fine already. One whole day of crying, emo-ing and sleeping. HAHAHAS. ;D I told myself that it will all stop by today. Yes. So... Time to figure out what I should really do. ;D

Many said that my results are ok. But it's not ok to me. Those numbers are so ugly. ;[ I know there are some people doing far worser than what I have. I know. Lucky for me, there are still quite a number of options available.

Thank you Miss Sim, Marissa, Yanshan, Chiamin, Shien and Gillian for making a trip down to my house. Even smuggled some food out of Sakura for me... I love you all. ;[ Uh, I was feeling quite lost at the moment. Like... Walao so many courses to choose from. Ya. ;D

There are still other things on my mind now... Sighs. I guess this will have to happen sooner or later. No matter how badly I don't want it to...

Sian, byebye. ;[

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