Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I know my blog is getting really really really boring. Hehehes. ;D

Been going to work work work. I think I look really horrible nowadays. My eyebags are like... WOW. I have this really... Dying face. Staying in an air-conditioned makes me feel really dry. Dry lips, eyes, skin and hair. HAHAHAS.

Work was rather boring too. Felt like... rolling on the floor. -o- OH YA. They installed some camera thing in the shop. So I have to act like I'm really busy. ALTHOUGH I'M REALLY FREE. I will think of what to eat for lunch and dinner. What laptop or handphone to buy. Uh, what bus to take home later on. How to start spring cleaning my room... -o- I feel really uncomfortable. Like... Somebody is watching me... You know, someone in the office sits there and watch if we laze around or something.

Can't quit now. Have some stuffs on my wish list. Hehehes. I rather stone and earn money at the same time. -o- I spent alot this week. Don't dare to check my bank account... I think I will get a shock. -o- But I feel good HAHAHHAS. I'm spending my own money. ;D

Ok la. Good night everyone. ;D
love is just a word,
until you meet someone who gives it meaning.

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