Thursday, January 15, 2009

1. Business Studies @ TP
2. Integrated Events & Project Management @ SP

3. Business Admin @ SP

4. Business Studies @ NgeeAnn

5. HR Management with Psychology @ SP

6. Retail Management @ TP

Hahahhaas. The 6 other choices are quite... Anyhow. ;D

Choice number 2 is quite... random. I was flipping through all the career guides, poly brochures etc. Then I came upon some career counselling file which we did during Sec 3? I wrote that I want to do events and project management and also, psychology studies. Hahahas. Psycho is out I guess. Need to study alot... -o-

I was really wondering if I want to go SP or TP. Hahahas. I thought about it for the past few days... Ended up with TP. ;D I'm afraaid that I might get lazy on some days... Then... You know. ;D I was like, firm on SP intially. Then many people said SP berry far... ;D

Big thank you to those who have helped me in my decision making. Hahahas. Fickle-minded at times... Yes but I made up my mind in the end. ;D Those advices, warnings and personal opinions are very much appreciated. Hmms. I sound sarcastic but I'm being very sincere. ;D Yes and those who tried to cheer me up. Thank you! <3

Ok. Out with Marissa tomorrow. ;D

Good nighhhttt.
Sometimes in life when you get what you want
you end up missing what you left behind.

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