Sunday, January 04, 2009


Hehehehs. I realised all my post are kind of wordy nowadays... ;D

I am leaving for Thailand in... 3 days time. Wednesday morning. Yanshan's birthday too. SORRY BABY. ;[ I will trrrrry to make it up. Hehehes. ;D And then... Back on Saturday midnight. Can't go any longer or later because of bro's thing... So 4 full days of shopping should be sufficient. ;D

Work was boring today. Kept folding boxes. Jenny folds them like a... robot. -o- Really fast. I think she can break some record for box folding? HEHEHES. ;D Ahh. I have alot of ulcers. Braces. GRRRS. ;[ Sore throat, please stay away....... ;[

Shall write my things to buy/do list. I am... Random...?

Bye lovelies. ;D
Love leaves a memory that no one can steal.
But love also leaves a heartache that only he can heal.

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