Monday, July 09, 2007

skipped a total of.. 6 periods today i guess. :] went to give the china students school tour. :] they were quite amazed i guess. ive been to jing fan and the school there is completely opposite from our school. their school is 70++ years old and its more tradition. hahahas.

made a new friend, yiling. pretty and sweet girl. xDD

suppose to go back to class during assembly but mdm too let us stay. :] assembly was boring. hahahas. some funny parts though. xD went to foyer and took pictures den off they go. xD

and i know who is my angel! james. hehehes. and i passed my mortal the letter. ALOT of people said its harsh since they passed the letter around. -o- but i think its ok leh. i mean, i can write alot more. xD but i did apologise and ask if i wrote it too harshly. but he said its motivational. -o-

me, yiling, meiqi, jas.

their teacher told them to buy something cheena.

bookmark and letter james gave. xD

hohohos. i am tired. byeeeeee.

"dont ask me"

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