Sunday, July 22, 2007

omg i am very tired.

after trying for dont-know-how-many times. i finally gave up on my attempt to place the ferris wheel at time bottom corner. ;[ maybe its because of the hearts bg. gahs. the code wont work. so i changed it to the top. till now, i think the skin is weird. hahahas. too lovey. too greenie and pinkie. xD

went out with marissa to get some stuffs today. :] hohohos. saw jiamin, jiaqian and her mama. hope jiamin is feeling better. ;] hehehes.

den ate a lil before going to pasir ris to make her ez-link card. took neoprints. ;] hehehes. bought crepes for daddy before coming back. the uncle looked very depressed. -o-

yes. went to visit uncle on friday. not very good condition. he is having some kind of illusion because of the painkillers. the painkillers made him drowsy and he kept sleeping. aunt told me she would rather him to sleep then throwing tantrum because he is somekinda confused. imagine you are dying in a few days time. so many things undone and stuffs. of course you will feel bu shuang.

he didnt even write a will. he didnt even know he has the last stage of liver cancer till.. last week i guess, to prevent the condition to worsen. he kept denying and asking why is he sent to the cancer place. he became very upset after that. :[ uh. aunt told me that he will die when his liver burst. dont really make sense but his liver isnt working. -o- the doctors even gave aunt information about death. -o- like. how to know when he is dead, dont call the police nor ambulance, call the casket instead, report, what to bring, take note of time of death, prepare the funeral.

i think i wont be able to do those stuffs if i were aunt. i will sit there and cry.

yes. so much about uncle. daddy was quite upset. he started 'emo-ing'.

yawns. i am very very tired.


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