Thursday, July 26, 2007

eng presentation was bad. :[ i didnt laugh till my last slide. -o- and den i cannot stop. because when i want to stop, everyone was staring at me. den i start laughing again. :] i think ms sim will deduct marks for that. -o-

no poa mcq quiz thing (not test). :] yayyyyyy. but chem test sucks. -o- i dont know what the entire thing is talking about. i was trying very hard not to sleep through out the paper. -o-

learned how to write malay words and chinese calligraphy. den had some qi gong thing. -o- somekind of 'workout'. went over to yanshan's class but all she knows is to SLEEEEEP. :[

wattttched Schindler's List after test. but have to miss the first part of the show. the show is 3h 15mins. -o- ok.. schindler is very very very braaaave. he used his own money to save those jews. he is extreamly rich at first. but by the end of the holocust thing, he is went bankrupt. he died without money. :[ (wonder why those jews didnt give him some money. hmms. maybe they are poor too) SOOO WEI DA. ;] (i also wonder how much are those people paid to go naked during the show. -o- so many of them leeeh.)



bye. :]

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