Thursday, July 05, 2007

ahhhhhs. i guess today is the project day. everybody seem to be rushing their projects. and the deadline is tml. :]

did el project from 3.30 to 7. :[ finally done. hehehes. i think i still cant say: Meat loaf is mouthwatering dear. my tongue will tie. xD

uh. alot of stopping in the recording because i cannot stop laughing at some parts or i read it wrongly. :] sorry my dearest group members. hehehes.

heard from cheryl that china students from jing fan is coming to visit our school next week. and it will be our turn to bring them around the school. YAY. CAN SKIP LESSONS.!!!!!!

ifrog aka hophop. :] yiming's group used this to present el.

ok. i have maths to do. :[ what a long day.


"may everything turn out right."

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