Sunday, July 22, 2007

hello kangaroos.

i am bored.

mummy is getting quite irritating because i irritate her. ;] she la. dont want to cook. i ate outside food since starting of the month. ;[ until i want to puke. ;'[ lazy mummy. she is freakingly free everyday can. yet she dont want to cook. -o- i will never get use to it. i prefer home cook food. ;]

complaint to daddy. he borrowed me his phone. (i know there is no link)

yay. i just want to play a few days because i will get sian of poking the screen. -o- esp when sending msg. xD and daddy warned me not to scratch it or drop it. cannot find this in sg. got sell for a period of time but it wasnt popular so they stopped selling. singaporeans dont like pda phones. xD

i shall explore it.

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