Saturday, July 14, 2007

i am saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. ;[

daddy told me about uncle. he is left with 2 weeks. the uncle who had liver cancer. ahhhhhhs. why. ;[ i remembered he always go like: BEL...... BEL...... BANANA! ;[ he did that when i went to visit him before going to china i think.

daddy visited him last night and he said uncle is like.. 生不如死. den daddy told me why he wanted to retire early. because uncle only retired at 54 and he is 59 now. he only rested for 5 years and he is going. -o- and den he told me he is feeling very sad because of uncle. ;[ he seldom tell me such things you know. so it made me sad too. ;[

something made me more sad. MY FREAKING FRIENDSTER SKIN AUTO SWITCH TO SUPER MARIO. WHAT THE HELL. -o- did someone used my acc. i want to die. ;[


and i lost $120 at home. -o- daddy said never mind when i told him. but i knew i made him more depress. -o- i really didnt spend it la. i really left it in my drawer and its open when i reached home. ;[ aunt gave me that and i didnt want to put in posb bcos daddy will take it out to control my spendings. sighs. see, unlucky until this kind of step. PUT MONEY AT HOME ALSO CAN LOST. obviously someone took it.. but daddy say dont get it back.. ;[

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