Friday, March 03, 2006

i just woke up.
i was reading totochan.
n i fall aslp.
denn woke up foundd daddy off maii com.
he sae maii modem will burn n computer will explode.
like yanshanns.?
2daee went tuu schh.
denn duringg geog i realise i ducnh understandd a single thingy
tat teacher sae.
askedd marissa she understand marhhs.
she oso sae dunch noe.
we were SLPY on monday's 2 period geog.
den end up todae wadd thingy oso dunch noe.
denn afterr tat went tuu library tuu take books wif gil n jiamin.
went tuu tmart take bus.
den yanshan slappedd maii hair.
den she pull mii go mac findd cheryl.
bought apple pie.
went home wif shien.
was thinkingg of going home tuu rest.
maii uncle left his son at maii house.
i cant rest.
maii mama ask mii take care of him
den i was sitting there paying computer.
he took maii perfume.
n sprayedd it on maii FACE.
i was looking at him.
denn he giggle giggle giggle.
i decidedd tuu REN.
n go nwashh maii face.
bu zhi si huo de thingy.
follow mii n spray spray spray.
den went tuu findd marissa n chiamin.
denn go polyclinic wif themm.
chiamin c a doctor.
denn went tuu buyy stuffs later.
bought earring furr marissa.
daa same 1 which hab been confiscatedd.
she bought green.
i buyy blue.
den popular n blah blah blah.
i still feel like slpingg.

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