Wednesday, March 15, 2006

woos. papa bought mii a new hp. AHHS. why didnt i feel HAPPY. last time de mii. i will run n hugg maii papa sayinhh. DADDY I LOVE EUU. if not i will stare at hiim n laughh. whyy i didnt do all dis now. didnt hab daa feeling of hugging him. feel berii uncomfortable. dunchh noe why. n i m thinking why. haiis. its not i dunch like daa hp larhhs. ok larh. i prefer daa pervious 1 although dis ishh better. NVM. be contentedd. =D some people dunch evenn hab hp. hor hor hor. =D

lalalas. just now gort update 1 time. buddenn. blogger gort prob. which made mii fed up. x( maii eye ishh red again. somebody save maii eye. *tears* daa doctor ishh going tuu scoldd mii if she noe tat i wear contacts. xD nvmm. =D lallaa. blog tml. =D

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