Saturday, March 25, 2006

HAIs. hao fan. x( why people like tuu ask other peepx about questions theyy didnt askk themself before. EXAMPLE: r euu happy.? boos. do euu ask urself dis type of ques.? maybe yes maybe no. people like mii. i dunch ask maiiself. haiis. yiling mama ask mii tat ques. den i sae i dunch noe. den i start asking maiiself. m i happy.? xD

denn. yanshan ask another questionn. n i m thinkingg. daa stuffs happening now make mii difficult tuu trust people. any dae people will jus walk awae. euu may think everybody loves you. but it may not be liddat. dis apply tuu EVERYONE. =D everything ishh sho dam complicatedd. how i hope dis ends earlier. its difficult tuu act like euu dunch noe anything. nvmm. let time take charge. anything tat suppose tuu happen will happen. =D

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