Thursday, March 30, 2006

2dae was SPORTs dae. damm freakingg sian. it RAIN. n denn waiit waiit waiit. FINALLY WE CAN GO HOME. yays. =D went home wif shien. xD I DUNCH TOK TUU PIGGY ANIMORE BECUS IT LET MII REMIND OF SIYINGG. xD

ok. i habenn findd ani talkable humans. why why why. sho hardd tuu findd. haiis. i c everybody ishh stress. n daa stressness come frmm friends n blah blah blah. why mus it come frmm friiends.? nvmms. of course i feel stress. n i will ask maiiself. m i making maiiself stress.? r euu r euu.? ask urself dis wae. IT MIGHT HELP. haiis. all of daa suddenn i dunchh noe wad tuu write. WHY. i duchh noe. haiis. blog blog blog. tok about ur everydae life. n blah n blah n blah. its hard tuu write out wad euu realli feel yaa. maybe some peepx can. nvmms.

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