Tuesday, March 28, 2006

marissaa: no matter wad euu do i will respect ur decision. =D all tat can be done hab been done. =D i will still love euu. xD

HMMMS. wad should i update about. i dunchh noe. didnt go schh 2dae. stomache ishh WERID. i cant even standd n walk normally. n i fell down at daa. hmms. 'stairs' thingy at . maii bed. boohoos. denn wake mama up. she sae. STOMACH PAIN ARHHS. KAE LARH DUNCH GO TUU SCHH LARS. she ishh a weirdo. x( denn maii aunt gave mii ALOT of medicient. den she ask mii tuu figure out which 1 should i eat n went tuu work. grrs. i ate all of daa edible ones she gave mii she gave mii n threw daa inedible ones awae. =D i felt better after tat euu noe. den papa scoldd mii before going tuu work. I TOLD EUU NOT TUU WEAR UR CONTACTS FURR MORE DEN 10 HOURS.10 HOURS. UNDERSTAND.? issit maii fault tuu hab maii eye red. x(

nvmm. den i was alone at home daa blardie whole dae. arrange notes n stuffs. denn tuition in daa afternoon. i should hab slpt longer in daa morning. i woke up at 5.45 n didnt slp after tat. MIRACLE. i cant get into slp. x( i m habingg a BAD feelingg. real bad. something bad ishh going tuu happen. trust mii. x(

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