Friday, March 17, 2006

AHHS. i m sho dam shiityy pissedd off. by everyone. i dunch noe why. x( lallalas. why people wann tuu stead.? TELL mii. becus they like eachh otherr.? hmms. maybe. but why must they stead.? show their love.? maybe. why must they break. unhappyy.? maybe. why must they patch.? they found they love each other.? maybe. change it tuu marriage. marry. divorce. no patchingg. boohoos. i dunch believe in love. everyything aroundd mii makes mii feel tat. parents. friends. grrs. i dunch think love ishh a beautiful thing yaa. SOMEONE ANS MAII QUES. grrs.

nvmm. lets treat love as a miserable thing until i find out wad ishh it. =D lallalaas. 2daee went tuu c doc. maii eye recoveredd. =D denn. went tuu swensenns eat mint ice cream. niice niice. =D tats wad life ishh all about. =D denn chiamin lost her wallet. 2nd tiime. she ishh sway. xD pabuu. take care of ur wallets narhhs. den peii edd her go bus interchange n blah blah blah tuu look furr it. den whenn tuu. libraryy. peii yanshan. =D denn when wan tuu go home. maii shoes spoil. x( why. i assume chiamin pass her swayness tuu mii. xD lalallas.

its 12.02. i m bored. iwan tuu blog more. =D hmms. wonderr whyy i feel sho. sadd. when i hear tat name. grrs. it brings badd memoriies up. no1 understands it. x( how many shiity tiimes i wann tuu scoldd themm. x( but i noe i wont. =D maybe 1 dae i will. wads daa past let it be past~ no1 likes tuu bring daa past memoriies forwardd yaa. expecially bad memoriies. xD ahhs. just. 4get it. x(

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