Monday, August 30, 2010

move move shake shake and drop



Welly impromptu trip to phuture w some of the esss ppl. Ahahaha by far my worst night ever because i puke too many times and the feeling was so horrible because i really didnt knw what i was puking after a while. Dance floorx4/5, outsidex2, at hmx2. Then I woke up having the worst hangover ever that I googled for hangover remedies. So I'm starting to think... Why am i paying to suffer. :(

Anw it was Brandon's 18th last night too. Happy birthhhhday hahaha. First few hours of being 18 parrrrtying not bad not bad. Shld gather more esss ppl to go tgt im sure it will be a blastt. A lvls, quick, be over!

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