Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 16 – Your first kiss

Ahh asking me to write about my first kiss feels so wrong after puking out my $3 laksa... Frankly speaking I don't have an 'actual' first kiss ahahaha. Minus those game ones... Yike i will never forget tt i kissed ys hehe and technically that's the first but idw it to be the first and tada its not the first!! So yep no first kiss. Yah lah im sucha noob. :'(

My tummy is really making funny noises hahahaa like grumble grumble. Must be that bowl of laksa... Btw it has 671calories so if it doesn't count if i puked it out right?? Shit means that i only had 200 calories tday... No its a good thing right? Hehe.

Ok me gna rest now. The bin is beside me in case I puke agn.. You know... :(

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