Sunday, August 01, 2010

Day 01 – Introduce yourself

Hahaha introducing myself in my own blog is so awkward. Like...

Hi my name is Belinda and I'm starting on this 30 days thing. 2 months and 22 more days to legal-aged. I like to sleep alot but funniest thing is that no matter how long I sleep, its never quite enough. One of my worst habit is to procrastinate. I can procrastinate about basically anything and everything. Quite an emotional eater too because I can eat a cow when I'm sad. People say that braces helps you to lose weight but that isn't the case for me... :( I like to cry under my blanket and listen to "stop crying your heart out" by oasis which makes me cry even harder most of the time. Haha the irony. Luv rainy days too and h8 insects, anything which crawls fly or make annoying noises. And I really really like korean variety shows because they beat singapore's hands down hehe and and and I knw how to speak french (but i suck at it)! Favourite food includes nutella+cheese+bread, bizpark's tuna bread+ peachtea+grass jelly (new fave), mensa's mango salad+dory fish, tmart's strawberry snowshake+pudding, peachredtea+jelly, KOI MILK TEA, orhluak, fried fish soup noodles (w milk), fruity pebbles, frootloops, wafflecrisps and the list will go on and on. Just writing these makes me hungry already. I tweet excessively and fb is a tool for me to... Stalk people heh. Tumblr is another secret corner... I just created formspring like 2h ago (beltella) but i think it will be left aside to collect dusts... And I lurve my friends frm here there everywhere alot because they are very cute. Currently, the only shopping paradise to me is bangkok bangkok and bangkok. When I'm nervous I blabber alot, start to have sweaty palms or even start to smile non-stop depending on the situation hahaha. Another bad habit of mine is to contradict myself or random fickle-minded-ness. Yeap... Shld I stop?

Yes I should. Congrats if you finished my short introduction hahahaha. ^^

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