Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Day 04 – What you ate today


Brunch: Fried rice
Dinner: Red bean pau and mensa mango salad slurrps (^^)

I know im damn fail... Day 2 mia alr. I saved it as draft on my itouch but i realised it doesn't come out as 2nd aug and 3rd aug... So don't bother. :( At least I made an effort tday to pose w my fried rice (and wet hair) hehe.

Anyway... Last test tmr and I'm free for 3 freaking months. I swr on my 10 toes 10 fingers 2 eyes 2 ears 1 nose and 1 mouth that I will complete this thing. Take it as 28 days ok. Hehe. I'm a cheaterbug.

Time to study i h8 cb (consumer behaviour btw)!!

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