Friday, July 02, 2010

wake up and live





So today's town trip was fruitful yet tiring. It was basically pouring the whole day which made traveling a hassle... But it is all worthwhile? We need more shopping khakis when we get back to that 18pc shop at cenileisure! Soon kkkk?? I can't wait already but this time round I hope that thr will be more things which will catch my eyes. 2 isn't enough leh. :( Luv the 2 girls above. Lets dedicate a day just for shopping. No school, no work, no bf meeting (hahaha!), no friend meeting. So that we can shop till we drop~

We are also planning a bkk trip in mid october~ That i def can't wait lets hope bkk will be safe and sound hehe.

Met my lovely Jorene too really sorry x10000 for making you wait for so long! Just 3 hours with u isn't enough baby. More to come during the holidays ok!

Can August come already......?


Kimberly said...

i've revived my blog hehehe

Belinda Foo said...

yay!! <3