Wednesday, July 21, 2010

lazy day out

something i cant live without

fave snack hehe.

Inception was good except that the ending was like thr isn't any. H8 it when such things happen. For story books too. I like happy endings hehe. Studied abit of french at coffee bean i think i will die next thursday. Speaking test! :(

Trying to complete everything on hand by saturday so I can enjoy my day off. Baby richelle coming over and I can't wait too see her. Missed out the last visit because I had work. Miss her pretty face already hehe wonder how much she have grown.

Long talk on the phone w my dearest charmaine. How can I forget ur birthday... 18th somemore I think u will remember this for life. So would I. Sorry baby. Really. :(

Must start flipping through both monthly and weekly of the planner.


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