Monday, July 05, 2010

a star in somebody else's sky

cute pouch jean gt frm tw hehe

a bag of everything for you?

the blue one sucked.


I should really be working on my ccp report but thrs this urge to blog... So here I'm. Speaking of ccp, I was really shock to know that the whole group project is due next Thursday. Like... What??? Ok need to do well for this project because I got like just 1/2 mark pass the the borderline for midsem test. :(

Sigh been eating alot lately must be the project stress. Must start running and stop snacking or the numbers on the scale is really scaring me away. Someone motivate me please i dont wna become ah pui leh. :( Ok I will run tmr morning right before braces appointment.

What colour should I put?
My monthly dilemma leh.

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Jean said...

oi belinda what run tmr. you run here to the clinic ah. still dare say. ur plan failed. hahahaha!!! & ur earpiece dirty leh. still take photo post on blog. you (Y). hhaahaha. kk hurry come. love you! <3