Tuesday, October 19, 2010

not all those who wander are lost






One of those rare days that I will tie up my hair because its so frizzy from yesterday's chloride and sun... Feels pretty good, maybe I should do it up more often.

Met up with big eye today hehe and we bought happy stuffs which made us happy girls. Followed by 1 for 1 at Frolick and half-priced 10pc meatballs!! Luv Tuesdays. Supposed to have more tuesday cheap buys at Bugis but we were late and the vouchers were sold out. Purchase $50 worth of vouchers at $30 isn't it a good deal?

Sadly big eye is going sentosa for the entire semester, but its ok we can have picnic by the sea and avoid the sun together~ Let me know your timetable ok!!


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