Tuesday, October 05, 2010



just part of my navy blue naraya stash


j co's strawberry= (y)

Ket-chup day w Mr Poon haha both sick people eating Pizza Hut knowing that we will lose our voice tomorrow... Spicy drumlets somemore! Its actually half gone by the end of my mini date with the bff to town. Gone low, hoarse and deadz. Dear voice, please come back to mummy tmr.

All 3 of us wore navy blue today. Such coincidence. Totally blog-worthy. 3 friends meeting up once in a blue moon wearing the same colour by chance.

There was actually a period of time when blue was my favourite colour. Peaceful, pretty, calm, oceanic, etc. But idk when it started to look depressed, sad, dejected to me. Part of me still likes turquoise though, and navy sapphire and maybe certain shades of it.

Hahaha back to those days when my blog posts become really irrelavant to what I started with... So to end it, I had a really great day with poonie (just talking eating talking, another omnomnom session nxt week!) and ze bff who I just met like 3 days ago. Ban mian!!

Ok getting drowsy I need my bed.

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