Saturday, October 09, 2010

luv is ouch

mini polaroid corner till I get a polaroid camera (not quite possible)

ribbon mug frm typo in brisbane. open one is sg pretty plz?


Bored to tears so tada a post for you.

Exactly 14 days till ze 18th and honestly I feel nothing about it. Gone were those days when you feel excited weeks before your birthday. This year's pre-birthday syndrome is too early don't you think so? All I want to do is to cuddle under my blankie and watch episodes after episodes of my favourite dramas...

During my sweet 16 I vowed to have a smashing 18th because I had to study for that A.maths paper the day after. Now that I'm turning 18... I swear upon my 10 fingers and toes that the 21st will be the best.

Sigh alright back to Vampire Diaries. Been watching dramas for the entire day already... Anyone wna bling my life up a little?



Jean said...

Love is ouch is a nice song w meaningful lyrics ^^

Belinda Foo said...

ur fave 2en1 hehehehehe.