Sunday, September 12, 2010

can't fight it- oh mercy

om nom nom

have to give it all away b4 it ends up in my tummy

you want one?

wrote 6 hartfelt postcards tday

daddy: "why you wear my shirt"
(i thought he didn't want it hehe)

That was my lazy Sunday and I luv it to bits. Been working non-stop since I got back from Brisbane and its no joke man... Next week will be as busy as this week but i'll get through it. Ohohoh a wedding dinner on Sunday too, have I mentioned that I luv reunions like these...

Can't w8 gna meet @skinnyscandal+@jerrbears for our sweet treats and i must must get the perfect dress for the wedding dinner hahaha (like its my wedding?). Ok maybe just an excuse to shop weeeee .

Gna watch barbie now hahaha cute what.

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