Wednesday, September 29, 2010

bungalow 9- iora










That was my chalet w the 1b10 people hehe. Basically we played games, get bitten by mosquitoes, had rounds of monopoly deals+ indian poker+ some number drinking games (that king cup killed me)(i look really ugly when im red and blotchy and everything) (somebody need to really bring my phone away from me when im tipsy) + mj, spent the whole morning in bed and waking up to steamboat w the favourite people.

Its so hard to calculate how long I slept arghs. So kim put me in bed and I slept for like 2 hours and I woke up and couldn't sleep till like 9.30am because my head was pounding like mad. Can't believe I was in bed listening to my ipod and even had to lower down the volume because my head hurts so badly... Oh no I went to watch Simpsons w Kenny and that pig fell asleep. Ok then I really slpt but woke up a few times to find Jean puking (twice) and then Jean gone and then the rest went to have lunch and grocery shopping and then I really woke up at 3.30pm?

So its... 8 hours of sleep. No wonder I feel so energetic now...

Successfully pushed my work till 5pm tmr and yay I can have a good night sleep till 3~



Shixian said...

HAHAHA omg the last picture so funny! You all can open steamboat shop. Miss you, meet up soon! I wanna shop since I can't shop in BKK :(

Anonymous said...

Where to get the mickey poker card?

Belinda Foo said...

yah!! 3 pots, 1 tomyum 2 chicken. for the non-spicy luvers heheh.

Belinda Foo said...

anonymous- im not very sure, its my friend's~ i think she got it quite some time ago. ^^

Anonymous said...

Do you mind if you help me to ask her where she got it?