Tuesday, December 29, 2009



"Somehow nobody bothers to check which lecture room is it anymore, we just trust our instincts and very vague memory. Very very vague i tell you in the afternoon 6 of us went into the lecture late. We were late for about 20mins. I was finding row of empty seats to fit everyone, i went from the left door to the right door. I think i look busy enough in the lecture. So right after i sat down yl, jean, kenny, yx went out of the lecture room already. and then belinda was half laughing half whispering to me. Then finally i get why the 4 left and never come back. Went to the wrong lecture!! What i find it funniest is that belinda actually knows that we're in the wrong lecture but she just sat down with me. fyi, we walked acrossed the room and idk how she even managed to trip a table and chair. WTF U FUNNY GIRL I CANNOT STOP LAUGHING. WENT IN TO THE CORRECT LECTURE AND BOTH OF US WERE STILL LAUGHING. HAHA BUT THANKQ SO MUCH FOR NOT WALKING OUT OF THE LECTURE IF NOT I THINK I'LL CONTINUE TO SIT THERE ALONE WITHOUT REALISING IT'S THE WRONG LECTURE. DAMNIT. SCH'S KWEL WITH KEWL FRIENDS LIKE EM' "

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