Thursday, November 19, 2015


Contentment used to be such an achievable thing. Simple things like having dinner with people who matters after a long crappy day, when you come home to an parcel, visiting a cafe, or even getting to sleep in new fresh sheets. I used to be able to find contentment in anything and everything. I swear there was this point of time when everything was just so... Perfect. I didn't want to change anything.

And then... Life happens. No matter how hard I try, something is just not right and at times there is this hollowness in me which I do not know how to comprehend. I feel so disconnected from myself and everyone else sometimes. Perhaps those time spent alone in hotel rooms and completely different timezones has taken a toll on me mentally. Somehow I manage to escape from problems, you know?

"This can wait, I'm on a vacation!"

And as much as I really want to be there for everyone, I can't.

Vice versa.

No idea what's going on in this pointless entry, just me trying to figure what's going on in my jet-lagged brain.

And oh, hello to whoever who's still reading this space...!

*awkward wave*

Thank you for reading my nonsensical thoughts... 

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Anonymous said...

greed killed you.