Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I miss those days where I can spend days sitting around doing nothing, cafe-hop with my favourite people and talk about everything and anything under the sky. 

Day 6 of my AAVL and I spent 1/2 the day running errands + meeting the bestie and another 1/2 just sorting out... My life in general. I hate to say that I am in a total mess. The past 3.5 months has been nothing but a rollercoaster ride. A whirlwind of emotions but yet no time to rant, ponder or analyse them thoroughly. 

This is probably why I started to take things at it is, one step at a time. Since whatever will be, will be and whatever is yours, will be yours eventually. I lived by that and yes, it does make me happy like 70% of the time. But then again, life happens. An abrupt stop and boom, everything just hits you right at the face. And... Here comes procrastination and avoidance. 

I'm sorry for being such a mess. 

It's time to start to look for what keeps me sane again. 


Anonymous said...

"never stop, never will"

Anonymous said...

Heyyy :) how was your day today ? remember to always smile because you look amazing with a smile on your face and chin up okay!! :) If any one dosen't ever appreciate you, remember that i do :) have a good day ahead !!! heehee :))))

Marissa said...

Just saw this, I love you and your mess no matter what <3

Belinda Foo said...

Anonymous- Thank you, it really made my day. :)

Marissa- Love you too bestie. <3