Thursday, April 24, 2014

endings are also new beginnings

Exactly one week ago, I bid goodbye to the corporate world. My 2 weeks notice was pretty torturous with the most negative and absurd remarks about my career move. To others it may be just a temporary escapism or just missing out on tons of other career opportunities. But to me, it's pretty much a dream come true. 

Up till now, 21 turning 22, I'm still overly consumed by wanderlust. There's just soooo much to life than to be desk-bounded, facing the computer screen from 9-6 everyday and with just 14 days annual leave a year. This part of me is just curious for what the rest of the world has in store. To breath the air of new places and make memories across the world. 

Of course there would be a long list of cons... Oh well, life is always a balancing act. Eventually it boils down to your own fundamental values. 

Will you be able to stay rooted? Or stray? 

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