Tuesday, April 05, 2011

my braces story

Warning: This is a very disturbing post

Teeth without braces:


12th Dec' 2008: Extracted 2 molar teeth.

23rd Dec' 2008: Minor surgery to remove 1 hidden tooth (open up the gum and sew it back, ouch) and 2 molar teeth. Still don't know why did I choose to do it 2 days before Christmas.


31st Dec' 2008: 1st day of braces. I can still remember we had a countdown chalet and while everyone was eating bbq food... I was eating porridge and my teeth was aching like mad. :(


11 may 2009
May' 2009: Big gap btw upper& lower jaw even though I bite completely + very obvious reverse bite

17 nov 2009
Nov'2009: Obvious hole on the right for like 3 months..... :(

2705 2010

0808 2010

Outcome on 6th April' 2011:


YES I FINALLY REMOVED MY BRACES AFTER LIKE 2 YEARS 4 MONTHS AND 6 DAYS! Pretty happy with the outcome except the fact that my teeth is seriously discoloured and I'm so so so disturbed by it.

Don't you think that my 5k was well-spent after looking at the 'before' photos? Such a drastic change and I swear that it takes alot of courage to post these photos up... Just want to encourage those who are hesitating to put on braces to go for it! Treat it as long term investment and you should do it when you are young.

All the money spent, pain, time and effort are definitely worth it.



Wyy said...

Hahahhahaha i like this post! the way you censored our eyes but i can recognise all of us la

Belinda Foo said...

Hahahhahaa cause I censor mine t the top, must be consistent!! We took so many webcam pics last time...

Jerrica said...

HAHA disturbing indeed , shit ass huge close up . cant wait to see you !! we are ex-brace face <:

Belinda Foo said...

AT LEAST I WARNED HEHEH. yes next week~