Wednesday, April 27, 2011

hopeful in the hopeless heart








Today is definitely one of the better days.

Met the girls for dinner at Thaipan this evening! Luv the yummy affordable food and al fresco dining, will definitely head back for more! Can you believe that we already planned our future lunch/dinner dates in school? Hehehe luv them both. ^^

Internship matters 3/4 settled and I thank @yanstasy for it. Hopefully this will be a decision that both of us will never regret and may the fun we'll have together make up to the low pay... Can't believe I was tossing and turning till 4am last night thinking if I should join OSIP. 12 weeks overseas... Celebrating my 19th birthday with just my intern partner (which i didn't manage to find)...

I must be mad.

I must be really mad.

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