Monday, May 03, 2010

last wednesday,

we had our international dinner hahahahaa so long ago might as well don't blog but i don't really like this space to be this empty. :(

tns tut grp!

sorry not v appealing hahahaha eygpt food bet u never see b4.


hehe roomie.

Sigh its monday agn and i really hate packing. Thr is always this 'i-think-i-forget-to-bring-sth' feeling hahahahah. Ok need to finish packing and head dwn to the clinic to get some antibiotics or sth to cure my itchy dry swollen throat. :(

I will miss you, bed.


Maiqh said...

Your hair is loooooong now. *thumbs up*

Belinda Foo said...

hehehehe yes waitin it to be longer i wna perm hahahahahahaha

jerbearr said...

linked you c: