Saturday, May 15, 2010

last day @temasek green

Aww finally moved out of Temasek Green. No more sleepin at 3 and waking up just 1h before lessons start, morning long walks from engine to business, maskin+ l8 night talks w my roomie, just hanging ard w the funny neighbours, going back to the hostel for long breaks, luggin my big bag to and fro frm hostel to home... The list will go on and on. No doubt it was a good experience hehe. The ppl over at t06 are so nice and friendly tt i really hope tt we will keep in touch. Sigh gna miss all of this. :(

But on the dwnside... Heavy eyebags, worsened complexion, mia frm the cyber world, laggin behind schwork, lonely bed (at home), homesick, never ending list of things to do... Ahh.

Ok need to get started. Will fill up this space asap...?

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